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DJ Leon Lamont 12.18.


The Artist Resume'

Every now and then, an artist will ask the question, “Can I put auditions with famous people on my resume?”
Not unless you got the gig.  If you ran track in the Olympics and came in last, would you put that among your list of achievements?  I hope not.  With auditions it’s the same thing.  An audition is a competition.  If you don’t get the gig as a result of your efforts, that’s right…you lost.  What you are left with is a good story for when you’re hanging out at a bar or a house party. 

If you’re a musician, only actual gigs go on your resume.  You played three notes on Adele’s record?  Good for you, that can go on your resume’.  You auditioned for Slipknot and didn’t get the gig?  You failed, don’t put that on your resume’.  It’s all pretty simple and straight forward.  Nobody brags about what they didn’t do or almost did and nobody cares anyway. 

Can you put a famous person on your resume’ if you did the gig but they stiffed you? Absolutely, using their name on your resume’ is part…