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Leon Lamont - Breakbeat Jingle Bells

Leon Lamont - RLRLKK

A7 - I'm Serious (Leon Lamont Remix)

Serato Roland DJ 808

Zoom iQ5. Recording attachment for iPhone

Numark PT01 Scratch

Stray Rescue Benenfit Show- September 3, 2016

Trader Bob's Tattoo 3rd Annual Tattoo Flash Revival & Costume Party!

Stray Rescue STL Benefit Show - September 3, 2016

Thundercat - Them Changes

DJs Are Retarded


NETHERLANDS -"The Bottom Of The Ocean"

What I’m Feeling at the Moment

Steve Bunton & Leon Lamont - 1992 Theme Music

Steve Bunton and Leon Lamont - 1991 Theme Music

New QR code generator

Don't Be A Butt-Hurt Bert.

Band Loyalty?

Bowie and Lemmy