Don't Be A Butt-Hurt Bert.

One of the luxuries of working with professionals on creative gigs is honesty.  It’s either, “Leon, you were really on tonight.  Good job”  or “WTF?  You were off.  Whatever is going on with you, you need to leave it in the green room and not take it to the stage”.  “A” game is what got you to the gig in the first place,  so when you get that complaint you don’t lose your confidence and freak out, instead you party less and practice more, tell your GF that boat ride before the gig has to wait, or whatever it is you need to do to keep your game from slipping.  Once you step up, you can never step back down unless you plan on quitting soon afterwards.  What’s my point?  When you’re an artist and get constructive criticism, you need to focus on the word “constructive” more than the word “criticism”.  Especially if it comes from someone that’s already doing something that you want to do careerwise. 


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