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What I’m Feeling at the Moment

During commercial DJ gigs, one of the low points of the night was always when some inebriated bleached blonde would spray her saliva on me whilst requesting a Rihanna song.  I don’t hate Rihanna because I don’t know Rihanna, but I sure did hate her music.  Well, that is until this latest joint she just dropped titled “Anti”.  I never thought the day would come that I would say I like a Rihanna record, but here that day is.  As far as I’m concerned, this is the first Rihanna record and everything else before it is just some BS to get put on.  I don’t how much commercial success Rihanna is going to experience with the MF, but I dig it.

 Since we’re talking about palatable jams, I guess it’s the old man, original Hip-Hop fan in me, but I’m always down for new tracks by young talent with an old school production vibe, which brings us to the teen artist A-F-R-O.  This kid’s flow is off the chain.  Between this kid and Kendrick Lamar, I have a renewed hope for the future of Hip-Hop.  Finally, I can start enjoying new Hip-Hop again.

Later, and don't be a hater.


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