How Do Musicians Get So Far Removed From Music and Performing?

Someone asked me this question, pertaining to themselves and a mutual musician friend that seems to be MIA.

There are so many answers to that question, but the basic answers are being with the wrong spouse, trying to do music with the wrong people, having the wrong friends and associates.  It all ties together.  Then there is personal tragedy and heartbreak, among other things.  Then there is the nightmare that haunts all musicians; health issues.  Sometimes nothing can be done and it’s a matter of having a degenerative disease or an injury so major that it prevents a person from ever playing their instrument again.  In the same realm, there is also mental health to consider, which is a close cousin to substance abuse and addiction.

While its fun to think that every musician that disappears “got pussy whipped (or dick whipped), sold out and started working for the man” the reality of the matter is that life is a little more complicated than that.  For some, the universe only allows a small window of time for them to create art, and once that window closes it closes for good. 

Later and don’t be a hater


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