DJ Leon Lamont's Crate Confessions #4

Faith Evans - Soon As I Get Home (1995)

This song is just plain old good RNB/Gospel songwriting.  While it’s not advertised as Gospel, it is definitely in a Gospel style.  Further more, guys listening to this either have a girl like this or WISH they had a girl like this.  Only a certain type of woman can even sing this song.  For a woman to even have to write a song like this totally labels her as effed up, but for her to recover in such a debonair style as a smooth RNB cut begging your forgiveness is my total wet dream.  Why is that, you ask?  Women will SAY anything, but when a woman will SHOW you how sorry she is, that’s when you drop to one knee and burn the black book…but enough about me.

I love this track. The lyrics, the music, the artist, I love it.    Faith Evans is hot and talented.  This track is hot, songwriters did their thing.  There really isn’t much else to say.  Later, and don’t be a hater.  


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