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DJ Leon Lamon't s Crate Confessions #6

Dear followers,
It’s literally been a month since my last Crate Confession.  I make no apologies because life happens and MFs get busy.  I’m not hating or being salty, I’m just saying.  Anyway, children, uncle Leo is going to take you way back and, since it’s been a minute, do more than one track for this confession session.

1. Reflections - Diana Ross & The Supremes

I grew up on Motown music because my parents are huge fans and my dad is straight up borderline fanatical when it comes to Motown music.  My dad has the popular Motown stuff and the obscure Motown stuff.  Example: If it weren’t for my dad, I wouldn’t have known that Tommy Chong of the famous Cheech & Chong was a musician that put out a record on Motown before becoming a famous comedian.  That being said, I’ve yet to hear a Motown track that I didn’t like.  Reflections, like so many other Motown songs, has amazing song structure and chord choices (things I knew nothing about when I first heard the song as a kid).  This song is an example of “the more you learn about music, the more you appreciate certain tracks”. 

2. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You -Frankie Valli

When I was a kid and first heard this track, I remember thinking, “Why are they playing TV game show music on the radio?” The silly horn part before the chorus still makes me giggle like i’m five years old.  Silly horn part aside (which I do love, by the way, it just makes me laugh when I hear it), this is one of my favorite upbeat love songs.  I mean, love is kinda silly in it’s own right so no harm, no foul. 

3. Mustang Sally- Wilson Picket

Since this blog is supposed to be about songs I actually listen to and DON’T play at DJ gigs, I was tempted to leave this track off the list.  Thing is, I only play this tune at weddings and in those situations the clients usually want to hear a cover version done by the Commitments from the movie that bears the same name.  The Commitments version is my least favorite version because there is no funk in it. On the Picket version, the rhythm section on this track is to die for.  Granted, Picket’s version is a cover as well, but Picket’s is the funkiest and I love funk above pretty much everything else (as long as the funk is not on someone’s body-different funk.  Different situation).

4. On The Road Again-Canned Heat

For sure can’t play this song at any gig that I’ve done, I mean, you can play whatever you want, in theory, but I wouldn’t advise playing this unless you are booked at an old folks home and making people dance isn’t an issue.  After the vocals kick in, nobody in their right mind would contest you if you said, “I think drugs were involved”.  How could you NOT like a tune where the vocalist has the audacity to do such a bizarre falsetto vocal track on an album?  The first time I heard this tune I was like, “This singer is nuts.  I love it.”

5.Lightnin’ Stirkes - Lou Christie

Continuing in the vein of bizarre falsetto vocals, again this is a track that made me question the vocalist’s sanity upon hearing the chorus.  I love this tune because it’s nuts.  It sounds like Motown mixed with an off Broadway show tune mixed with that one song your cousin wrote that nobody’s heard but you; too fun.  The bass and drum parts to this tune sold me one hundred percent.  The back up vocals make it even more fun, like inviting more people to an already out of control party.  Guitar player, while barely being present most of the tune, does a solo in the middle?  Pure madness.  The horns lay low at first, but by the end of the track you’re like, “The horns are going to get us arrested!  Who invited the horns?”  This is a fun track.


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