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A Decade of iPhone, A Lifetime of Change

The iPhone turns ten years old this year.  Most people will respond, “So what.  Big deal.  It’s just a stupid phone.”  Of course, with that response, those individuals would be identifying themselves as either really young, really old, or non-creative types.  No artist worth mentioning that is in his or her right mind would scoff at being forced to acknowledge how much their life has been changed by the advent of the so-called Smart Phone.

Sure, the Smart Phone has wrecked many a happy home and given the promiscuous types a weapon on par with a sexual atomic bomb.  Sure, the Smart Phone has brought news media quality to an all time low by arming way too many people with a video camera and audio.  Sure, the Smart Phone has created a society of onlookers trying to capture money making video instead of helping their brothers and sisters in need as they are being assaulted right in front of their faces.  Sure, the Smart Phone has turned teenagers into overnight porn stars (and in some ca…