Serato DJ Intro is now Serato DJ Lite. Should you care and should you download it?

If you are one of those types that doesn't like to read much, I'll cut right to the chase with the answers "yes" and "yes".

DJ freeware always raises the question, "What's the catch?"  Usually the catch is that you have to buy some expensive piece of gear to even use the freeware in a gig setting.  Serato DJ Lite fixes that problem by having what they are calling "practice mode". Practice Mode has a cross fader and allows you to bypass needing a breakout box (like you use for the regular version of Serato) to have clean audio out. 

Serato moved some things around a bit and made the user interface a little bit cleaner and user friendly, but the only real improvement from Serato DJ Intro to Serato DJ Lite is the Practice Mode.  I think this program is great for people that are just beginning to learn to DJ, Mobile DJs and for doing small, unique venues where you don't feel like lugging around a bunch of bells and whistles.  With this program you can just plug up your laptop and jam.  

Do I recommend this program for beginner DJs?  Absolutely.  Do I recommend this program for seasoned DJs? Yes.  I consider Serato DJ Lite to be Serato's first software upgrade that actually feels like a holiday gift.  While laptop DJ gigs aren't as fun as using a controller, it's always good to have the option in case of emergencies or last minute gig situations.  If you've ever asked me or anyone else what DJ software you should download to learn to DJ, the answer is Serato DJ Lite.

Later and don't be a hater. 
DJ Leon Lamont

See Serato DJ Lite video here


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