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3 Simple Money Things For 2018

2017 was my “do as I say, not as I do” year.  For 2018, I’m going to change it up and go with “do as I do, but better”.  That being said, the following are things that I don’t just suggest for artists, but things I actually do.  Quick, simple and cheaply started, these things are user friendly to the starving artist to, not just get a person from zero to one hundred, but to simply get an artist off zero and started in an upwardly mobile direction financially.  Disclaimer: These suggestions are not impervious to poor creative content and don’t guarantee you any income at all.  The only assurance is that you can make a creative effort towards income flow with little or no investment.  Enjoy. 

1. Monetize Your YouTube Account

We’ll start with something that is even good for the laziest of the lazy and the most bummish of the bums; monetizing your YouTube videos.  Monetizing your YouTube videos is an easy way to get into the wonderful world of passive income.  Passive income is simply mo…