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Last Chair

I started my journey to officially being a musician as a violinist with my grade school string section.   The good part was that I was officially a part of a musical group of people.  The bad part was that I was officially the worse at what I did.  I was last chair violinist.  It’s somewhat of a humbling feeling to look to your right, see nothing there and realize that you are the least skilled musician in your section.  First chair represents the most talented musician in your section and last chair represent the polar opposite.

Being last chair violinist didn’t really phase me all that much because I was just so excited to be handpicked to leave my fourth grade classroom a few times a week to assemble with this group of people that, joined together, made this amazing sound.  I had zero aspirations to be first chair or even second or third chair violinist because being in the orchestra at all was satisfactory enough for me.  Before being asked to join the orchestra I wasn’t connect…