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The Accidental DJ

I’m often asked how I became a DJ.My short answer is, “Accidentally”.The long answer goes as follows.

A lifetime ago, in the days before smart phones and Facebook, I was practicing drums at a rehearsal/event space in St. Louis, MO.One of the owners of the space asked me if I wanted to DJ an event they had coming up.Even though I told him I was a producer/musician and not a DJ, he still offered me a couple hundred bucks to come out and do it anyway.The owner was really lax about the whole thing.“Yeah, just bring along some vinyl, CDs or whatever it is that you use.We have a DJ booth, two turntables, two CD decks and a mixer already set up.Just come and play whatever you want.There’s no pressure to make people dance because it’s a daytime swap meet.I’ll pay you in cash when it’s done.”It was too sweet of a deal to pass up, so at that moment I instantly became a professional DJ.It would be my first DJ gig ever.I kept in mind that being called a professional doesn’t mean that you’re good…

Blog from a Stan Fan

There are hundreds of sad comic nerds today, and I’m one of them.I’m not the collecting, cardboard back, plastic cover sealed comic book geek that I once was, but it still stings to hear about the death of Stan Lee.When I was a kid, some of Stan Lee’s characters were the only thing close to friends that I had and his comics were a much neededform of escapism.While I no longer collect first issues and what not, I catch as many Marvel movies on the big screen as I can and get genuinely thrilled when they do the characters justice.Thanks to comics, I excelled at reading and comprehension at an early age.The web is going to be crawling with long winded blogs about Stan Lee and the effect he had on people’s lives, so I’ll keep mine short and sweet.Stan Lee…wow!Excelsior!