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Rane Seventy-Two Review w/ Rane 12

Recently, a DJ friend invited me to do a last minute tag team DJ set with him at a bar in St. Louis, MO.The invite was just hours before the gig and I was told to just bring my laptop and external hard drive full of tunes as the DJ making the invitation boasted of having the ultimate mixer for tag team DJ sets.He wasn’t lying.The mixer we used that night was the Rane Seventy-Two which was equipped with built in Serato as well as a video screen for viewing sound waves (just as you would see them on your computer while using Serato DJ), two USB inputs (so that you could effortlessly switch back and forth between two laptop setups with the turn of a knob), and built in hot cue buttons.In addition to the aforementioned features, the mixer had various built in sound FX.

What did I think of the mixer?While spending close to two grand on a mixer is a little out of my price range for mixers at the moment (the Rane Seventy-Two lists for $1,899.00 at the moment), I found this mixer to be amazi…