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My DJ Rig in 2019

The most common DJ related question that I’m asked lately is: “What DJ rig are you using theses days?”The short answer is, “I’m using the Roland DJ-505 controller/drum machine with Serato DJ Pro.”Do I like it?Yes, I love it, although I could love it more if they had done one thing I’ll mention later.Having a stand alone drum machine attached to a DJ controller is right up my alley.Making said drum machine modeled after classic Roland drum machines and sounds that the whole world has danced to and is still dancing to drives it even further down my alley.Being able to sit and program beats without having to fire up my laptop is a pretty cool feature for a DJ controller.When it comes to drum machines, Roland the company is like an electronica god.How is Roland with DJ equipment?Well, they still have to battle with the behemoth company whose name shall not be spoken (Starts with a P and ends with R) as far as popularity, but I give Roland two thumbs all the way up on their DJ c…