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Thomas Dolby - The Speed of Sound - Book Review

I have to start this with a confession: I’m only halfway through this book.A friend in NYC recommended this book to me and I’m glad she did.I think this is a fairly good book for Thomas Dolby fans.If you’re an adult that wants to reminisce about their 80s youth listening to New Wave at its peak, then this should be something that you would like as well.

The only thing I don’t like so far is the way the book starts.In my opinion, it should’ve started with whatever musical training the artist did or did not have and how he came up with his stage name (his real name is Thomas Morgan Robertson).In some ways, the book reads like a publicist wrote it; jumping from overnight success opportunity to the next overnight success opportunity without the real meat and potatoes of what it was like to be a recording artist and a musician in the 80s.

What makes this book a real gem is the fact that you can go to YouTube and look up practically every song and live performances mentioned in the book.I…