Artists vs Covid-19

The recent pandemic isn’t just attacking people’s bodies, it’s attacking people’s wallets.  Independent artists are being hit the hardest as they depend on gigs to pay bills, eat and keep the lights on.  The current situation on Earth is the thing of artists nightmares all over the globe.  The only thing that artists can do is create, practice and be better than they were when things went sub-zero so that they can be stronger on the return.  

If you do art as a living and don’t have a grasp on savings and managing your money, this is a perfect example of how none of us can ever be sure of what’s going to happen tomorrow and what situation we might find ourselves in, financially or otherwise.  Over the past few months, I’ve had to attend two funerals for both friends and family that thought they had plenty of life left to live.  One of those people became sick and went to the hospital over a bad cough and never came out alive.  

Plan for tomorrow, but live for today.  Live in the moment because you might not get another.

Later and don’t be a hater.  


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