The Perfect Cans for COVID-19 Avoidance

As the year 2020 continues to resemble a straight to DVD horror movie, complete with a comic book styled American president and global virus spreading, the question that many people are asking is; what’s a good pair of headphones to buy and put on while I’m hiding from the world and avoiding the COVID-19 virus?

My latest favorite pair of reasonably priced headphones for both DJ gigs and at home listening are the Pioneer DJ model HDJ-X5.  Clocking in around the $100 range, these are some really amazing sounding headphones for the price point.  The headphones have a removal twist and lock cable, folding earpieces that rotate and swivel and come with a soft carrying bag.

How do you really talk up the sound of headphones?  I don’t really know, but I’ve been listening to headphones for decades and these cans make old tracks sound new and new tracks sound great.  So while you’re waiting for them to track down the Outbreak monkey, get reacquainted with your music collection by giving these clean sounding headphones a listen.  

Later, and don’t be a hater.



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