Your Music Sucks. Make It Anyway

    I ran into an old musician friend and he said, “What’s up, man?  You still making that weird ass music?”  I paused and said, “You know…that really hurts my feelings.”  We both stared at each other for a moment and then went into a fit of laughter.   I’ve been making “weird music” since I was in grade school.  I create whatever I feel like now musically for the same reason I did as a kid; it makes me feel better.  Better than what, you ask?  Sad, bored, depressed, anxiety, blah blah blah.  Some people smoke a joint, but I just write weird music.  If only 20 people worldwide like my music that’s fine.  I’m not signed to a deal at the moment and don’t have a record company stressing me to make “something more palatable for the masses”.  

In the beginning, I just played my original experimental music for myself and maybe I would torture the odd girlfriend and my ex wife.  My ex wife would say, “Why do you keep making that horrible music?  Why don’t you write some music that people actually like?”  My answer to her?  Divorce papers.  My story isn’t unique at all.  There are a lot of musicians like me all over the world, some are famous, some are unheard of.  They write what they really feel like writing for themselves and minuscule audiences in secret while playing guitar, bass, drums or doing vocals in a popular rock band or pop band or whatever.  

In all honesty, I mostly post my latest onslaught of experimental original music because some of my friends that smoke weed like to listen to it when they’re high (which, for some reason, I think is hilarious).  One pothead friend asked if it offended me that he only listened to my music when he was high.  I’m not that easily offended .  The only thing better than making music is people actually listening to it; even if they have to be on drugs to do so.

I think everyone should play instruments as a form of self therapy.  Soft synths and Digital Audio Workstations work well even for people with no musical training.  If it makes you feel better to make music, but people think it sucks, make it anyway, for yourself.  You won’t regret it.

Later, and don’t be a hater. 



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