Welcome to the hotel, California! 9 Reasons to Stay at The Freehand, Los Angeles

 Welcome to the hotel, California!


Leon Lamont

As the world is opening up and getting past COVID (kinda-sorta-but-not-really), venues are opening back up and parties are being had and there is the slow wind up of the turntable playing the tune of -“most of us getting back to life as it were”.  As a result of this slow reboot of life, I found myself recently in Los Angeles, California with my partner in crime, DJ Black Guy, on yet another DJ adventure.  I had a myriad of pleasant experiences while in Los Angeles and one of those pleasantries was my experience staying at the Freehand, Los Angeles.  So I give you…

9 Reasons to Stay at The Freehand, Los Angeles


1.  They have valet parking.  As of June, 2021, the price of valet parking is $51 a night (I didn’t drive to the hotel… and please don’t ask me how I know the price for overnight valet parking.  I just do).

2.  The hotel is dog friendly.  If you run out of toilet paper, you can just ask a dog to toss you some more.  I mean, dogs EVERYWHERE.  If you hate dogs, then you don’t need to be up in here.  They in the halls, in the elevators, by the pool, in the lobby, on the stairs…  Which leads me to the next thing…

3.  There is a CVS a block away from the hotel.  Sweet!  Allergy medicines, toothpaste, snacks, body wash, blah blah blah

4.  There is a Whole Foods store across the street from the CVS (that’s a block away from the hotel).

5.  There is a Dominoes pizza less than a block away, around the corner from the hotel.

As the late, great, Stan Lee would say, “Nuff Said”.

6.  The hotel has a rooftop pool and bar/food spot called The Broken Shaker.  A cheeseburger at the Broken Shaker is $18.  Not judging, just sharing info.  

7.  The rooftop swimming pool at the hotel is only 3 1/2 feet all the way around.  If you drowned in the pool at the Freehand, the police would rule it a suicide and go back to writing parking tickets.  

7.  The staff is very nice, friendly and helpful.  Best hotel staff I’ve come across in YEARS. 

8.  If you indulge, there are places to buy sweets of the recreational kind very close by.  Just simply walk around downtown Los Angeles and you’ll find them without hardly even trying.  Forget Weed Maps…just wander around.  Trust me.   

9.  If you are on a super tight budget, they have hostel-styled-bunkbed rooms.  While this isn’t a selling point for myself, I think this is a great feature for traveling bands to consider when thinking of a  hotel.  

Later, and don’t be a hater



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