Leon Lamont is a multimedia artist from St. Louis, Missouri. As a DJ, Lamont is an open format DJ. Lamont is best known on the downtown NYC scene as a professional drummer and has played with such artists as Melvin Gibbs, Vernon Reid, Joshua Redman, DJ Logic, John Medeski, Chris Wood, Chocolate Genius, Biz Markie, Anti-Pop Consortium, Apollo Heights, Dead Prez, Martina Topley-Bird, and Genes & Machines to name a few. Known internationally as a producer of experimental electronic music, Lamont is what All Music Guide calls, “the difference between an artist and just another beat monger”.

Lamont started his career as a recording artist in the early 90’s, after being discovered by then Rollins Band bassist Melvin Gibbs.  During this time, Lamont was the drummer and vocalist for the local St. Louis Rock band T.H.U.G.S. and a live recording of the band’s performance somehow made it’s way to Gibbs in NYC via a fan.   After a name change (Treacherous Human Underdogs) and one release (Vice) produced by Melvin Gibbs on the independent, NYC label, Rage Records the group disbanded. Following Treacherous Human Underdogs disbanding, Lamont relocated to New York City and became a favorite drummer among the downtown Experimental Jazz scene’s elite which lead to him doing many gigs at places like the Knitting Factory, Tonic, Wetlands, Irving Plaza and studio recordings with artists like DJ Logic and Vernon Reid. After finishing the first leg of an American tour supporting Medeski, Martin & Wood as the drummer for DJ Logic’s Project Logic band, Lamont returned to New York and signed a solo artist deal with Brooklyn, NY based, independent label, Wordsound Recordings.

Lamont produced his first solo effort with engineer/producer Scotty Hard who is known for his work with such artist as Wu-Tang Clan, Lisa Stansfield, Prince Paul, De La Soul and Chris Rock. On his solo release titled Breakbeat Mechanic, Lamont took the unconventional approach of producing an Experimental Drum & Bass record that didn’t use any phrase samples and featured Lamont playing the drums live at 170BPM. In support of the release Breakbeat Mechanic, Lamont performed the pieces live with just a MIDI sequencer and a set of drums as he toured Europe appearing in such places as Berlin, Paris, Switzerland, Austria and Poland. 


Lamont began his journey into filmmaking in 2005 as a composer for an experimental multimedia play turned film titled “Secret” produced by Zio-11 Productions. The multimedia play and film were based on FBI files kept on St. Louis native Josephine Baker. The film version would later be accepted for screening during the Cannes Film Festival.

In 2009, Lamont linked up with Vernon Reid (of Living Colour fame) to work with Reid on his multimedia project titled Artificial Afrika. Lamont entered the project as an editor, sound designer, drummer and DJ,  performing the multimedia piece live alongside Reid, DJ Logic and Akim Funk Buddha at the World Finance Center Winter Garden in New York in the fall season of 2009. 

2010 was the year that Lamont was the drummer for both Apollo Heights (formerly The Veldt on Capitol Records) and the live performance art group/band Genes and Machines. 

In 2011, Lamont performed as both drummer and DJ with Artificial Afrika as part of the New York Winter Jazz Festival at Le Poisson Rouge.  Also during the winter of 2011, Lamont recorded drum tracks at Headgear Recording in Brooklyn, NY for the Genes and Machines debut release titled Heart Shaped Ass featuring Leon Gruenbaum and Ava Farber.   

2012 would mark Leon Lamont's live stage acting debut during a month-long residency of the theatrical version of Artificial Afrika at New York's famed Dixon Place located in the lower east side of Manhattan, NY.

Leon Lamont currently continues to work as a DJ, professional drummer and MIDI composer creating various multimedia projects and curating his netlabel Num Num Nah Records

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